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Authorized Craigslist® Autos Posting Service only for Auto Dealer Paid Ads

Auto Buyers Market is an innovative online platform catering to the needs of dealer sellers across the United States. Established with a vision to simplify the car purchasing process, our platform has evolved into a trusted site for individuals seeking quality used cars.

  • Bulk Posting Interface
  • For Sale By Dealer Paid Ads
  • Includes Auto Buyers Market™

Our services utilize the Craigslist® bulk posting interface for submission of multiple automotive listing ads for high volume dealers and those wishing to automate the process. All listings are paid for dealer listings.

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Craigslist® Bulk Posting for Autos

Authorized Craigslist® posting service for optimized dealer listings. We also include free syndication of dealer inventory, call tracking, paid search ads (Google and Microsoft Certified Partners) and free inclusion on our own shopping portal, Auto Buyers Market.

Bulk Posting API

The Bulk Posting API provides an interface for the submission of multiple posts at once.

Craigslist For Dealers

Craigslist is one of the most effective lead generating platforms for vehicles that are under $20K.

Auto Buyers Market

Sign up and we'll automatically import all your cars on Auto Buyers Market, our own shopping site.

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Authorized company which provides services utilizes Craigslist® bulk posting API for paid-for submission of automotive listing ads for high volume dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from customers.

  • Yes, we pay for each ad we post on CL. Our software pays the fee, optimizes the postings making them easier to find, and makes it much easier to fill out and complete in bulk. We can post hundreds of paid ads in the time it takes for someone else to post them manually one by one.

  • Our software will see what make and model is being posted and will include information about that vehicle as well as include information about very similar vehicles so that our listings contain more relevant keywords than ordinary ads while not looking like spam or violating Craigslist terms of service. Then, afterwards, our team will go over the ads and ensure we did not miss any relevant info such as a sunroof, convertible, after-market rims and/or third row seats.

  • We charge just $10 per post which includes the posting service itself and the $5 Craigslist fee. This also includes a tracking phone number and listings on other shopping websites such as Auto Buyers Market. This makes the cost very affordable and hard to beat. For a 50 car lot, the service is $500 and is all-inclusive meaning it is a totally hands-off service and dealers do not need to do anything.